Founded in 2016 by a dedicated group of educators and social entrepreneurs, Trellis is a budding non-profit organization based in Kanazawa, Ishikawa, Japan. Our nonprofit initiatives are conducted in Da Nang, Vietnam, where we work closely with our network of local partners to provide foreign language education to our students in conjunction with volunteer opportunities for young adults who wish to travel with purpose and learn by teaching others.

Our mission is to provide education to uplift individuals and communities.

Our vision is to harness the power of globalization to catalyze positive change.





We at Trellis strongly believe that every individual should have access to basic education regardless of their social or economic circumstances.

Nonprofits need to balance their resources carefully to achieve their goals. We believe in localized, small-scale projects which yield measurable, high-impact returns for the individuals and communities they are built around.

Development is about more than abstract concepts like GDP or PPP; it’s about working with people to help them develop the tools necessary to be capable of living the life they choose to live regardless of the contextual situation into which they were born.

By adopting CSV principles into their operational strategies, organizations can create measurable economic value by addressing social problems which relate to their industry. Trellis aims to work alongside for-profit and nonprofit organizations in order to create economic incentives to address social issues through the creation of hybridized partnerships.

Trellis provides cost-free English and Japanese language education to local communities in Vietnam in conjunction with volunteer programs designed to train and disseminate the next generation of capable and qualified foreign language educators.

Foreign Language Education

Mastering a second language is often the first step towards overcoming endemic poverty. The reality is that due to the prohibitively high cost of foreign language education throughout the developing world, the benefits of learning a second language often fail to reach those who need them most.

By providing cost-free English and Japanese language classes within the communities in which we operate, Trellis aims to improve the foreign language capabilities of our students as a means of increasing their social and economic mobility. We also strive to foster meaningful connections between our students and instructors to promote global interconnectivity and cross-cultural understanding.

Volunteer Training and Work Experience

A passionate, qualified teacher makes all the difference. Trellis provides its volunteers with all the training, support, and experience necessary to confidently and constructively teach a foreign language, all within the context of a safe and structured classroom environment. Our volunteers are young adults who want to explore the world and help others while pursuing their own individual aspirations. Upon completion of our program, Trellis can assist our volunteers with securing full-time teaching positions through our network of partners in Japan and Vietnam. By doing this, we hope to increase access to effective foreign language education globally.