Why You Should Teach English in Vietnam

It’s no surprise that in 2017 English continues to be the world’s most relevant and widely-used language. Whether you’re in a café in Calcutta or a bar in Beirut, chances are English will go a lot farther for you than your broken Bengali or Arabic. This is because billions of people across the globe invest a considerable amount of time and effort into developing their English skills so that they can more effectively engage with today’s globalized world. As a result, opportunities abound for native English speakers who want to live, travel, and teach English overseas. But where is the best place to teach English abroad? While every country has its pros and cons, Vietnam is quickly emerging as one of the world’s best destinations for teaching English as a foreign language.

Why Vietnam?

Vietnam is one of the cornerstones of Southeast Asia’s backpacker circuit, and for good reason. The country’s warm climate, excellent food, dependable infrastructure, abundant nature, and beautiful beaches all but guarantee a steady stream of travelers year-round. But what does Vietnam offer for those who want to live and work overseas on a more permanent basis? In other words, why should you choose to teach English in Vietnam? Well, here’s why:

Massive Market Opportunity

Vietnam is developing quickly. New industries are emerging and older, more established ones such as tourism and hospitality are maturing and growing. This means more jobs not just for local Vietnamese but also for foreign teachers who can help satisfy Vietnam’s insatiable demand for ESL instruction that’s so closely linked to its developmental trajectory. A variety of government-backed initiatives that support the teaching of English as a second language are also contributing to the vast pool of employment opportunities for English language teachers throughout the country. The bottom line is that there are plenty of jobs available for those looking to teach English in Vietnam and it doesn’t look like that’s going to change any time soon.

High Salaries

Salaries for English teachers in Vietnam are resoundingly higher than any country in Southeast Asia. Whether you’re an experienced ESL teacher or brand new to the industry, expect to earn between $18 to $25 an hour. Throughout the course of a typical week you’re likely to work between 18 to 25 hours depending on what is expected of you from your employer. While having a TEFL certificate and a university degree is encouraged and will definitely help your chances of finding a high-paying job teaching English in Vietnam, it’s entirely possible to secure a liveable wage without them. However, if job security is important to you then it’s a good idea to get some qualifications and experience before you begin your job hunt.

Low Cost of Living

While salaries are high, the cost of living in Vietnam is low, especially when compared to other countries where ESL teachers are hot commodities such as China and Korea. This makes Vietnam the perfect destination for English teachers who want to live a relatively lavish lifestyle or save money for the future.


Due to the incredibly high number of private English language centers throughout Vietnam, the hiring period is not dependent on the national school calendar. This means that centers are constantly hiring 365 days a year. Combined with the high turnover rate of English teachers entering and leaving the country at any given time, there are always jobs on offer for those thinking about teaching English in Vietnam.

Vietnam should be high on your list of potential countries to teach English in 2018. Its rapidly developing economy ensures plenty of employment opportunities for teachers of all experience levels. Throw in the low cost of living, relatively high wages, and the abundant travel opportunities that living in Vietnam presents to you and it’s hard to argue against Vietnam being the premier destination for teaching English abroad in 2017! If you’re interested in traveling as well as gaining some valuable work experience before beginning your adventure as an English teacher check out Trellis’ volunteer and work placement program . Our next program begins on February 26th, 2018!